Will You Have A Virtual Gastric Band Training On The West Coast?

This question came from Betty, “Will you have a virtual gastric band training on the West Coast?”
Hi Betty, and thanks for your question. We just did a training in Las Vegas in January of this year. I know that those of you living in California, don’t consider Las Vegas a the West Coast, but when I travel all the way from New York to Las Vegas, I kind of think that Vegas is such a central location for the Southwestern and West Coast States, that it encompasses those who are serious about taking this type of training. And, indeed, many of the people who came to Las Vegas were from California. So I guess it worked out nicely for those who are from the West Coast.

There were also many people in our NYC training we did in October, that traveled from the West Coast as well. Unfortunately at this early stage of the development of this program, there won’t be a trainer right down the street from you anytime soon. So you will probably have to travel a bit in order to take advantage of the training. If we do a training in California, chances are you will have to travel to one to the three large cities we hold it in anyway, and that will end up costing and taking as much time as it takes to travel to another American City these days. So you might want to consider taking our training in an other-than-West Coast City. You can find out about our next Virtual Gastric Band Training on our gastric band hypnosis seminar page, and if you need any advice about travel arrangements you can call me at 212 223-1832, and I will try to assist you in any way that I can.

Since the majority of your colleagues won’t be traveling out of town for this type of training, that will mean that if you decide to travel, you will be the local expert when the media decide to do a story on this fascinating new way of losing weight. 😉

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