1ST Anniversary Celebration Teleseminar on the Virtual Gastric Band

It’s been 1 year since Sheila contacted me and we proceeded to train people in the method she developed for using The Virtual gastric Band, and a lot has happened since then.

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We went from 0 to 150 students of Sheila’s program practicing her method to help weight challenged people all over the world re-gain control over their relationship with food!  I’m pretty amazed at how we grew so quickly.  During that time we’ve been able to visit different cities, and other countries to spread the Virtual Gastric Band method of weight loss.
Authors of Sheila Granger's Virtual Gastric Band Workbook
We wrote a book together, Sheila Granger’s Virtual Gastric Band Workbook, to help familiarize people with the method and to act as a support tool for clients and patients udnergoing the virtual gastric band process.  Using gastric band hypnosis I’ve seen my clients happy and excited faces as they learn that they really can take back control over the amount of food they’ve been eating.  It’s an uplifting and inspiring lesson for them in their own capabilities.  And from what I have seen written on our support group and heard from our students they are getting similar great results.  Just this week a couple of my clients burst into my office bubbling over with enthusiasm.  Having difficulty holding back the news of how they’ve been behaving since our last session.  Words like “Amazing” and “liberating” were freely bandied about.

Our students have also given us plenty of good solid feedback with how they found the training. The people in these videos are typical of the responses we received at the end of our weekend trainings:

But during that time we have also received lots of questions about our program from people like you.  And Sheila has some really breaking news to report about what she’s been up to with regards to promoting her program and also hypnosis in general to the medical community.  I’m really very proud of all we’ve been able to accomplish in this short amount of time.  And there’s still so much more we have planned.

And to add to that, we are looking to make our upcoming trainings in Los Angeles and London as helpful as we can to provide our students with the tools that can make them money and make them and their clients happy in the process.  We are adding another module to this new upcoming training that will enable you to offer more options to your clients.  I really want to let you in on exactly what we are adding to the weekend program, but I’ve been sworn to secrecy.  We’ll be revealing the special bonus module to all who are on the teleseminar this Tuesday August 9th at 7 PM Eastern Time.

To be on the call, just fill in your name and email address along with your most compelling question that you would like Sheila to answer.  Do it now before you forget. (If there is no form below refresh the page)

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