Virtual Gastric Band Clinical Trials

This is the last call for our class taking place next weekend on Long Island, New York for the Virtual Gastric Band Program.

Clinical trials from University of Hull and Hull York Medical School are finishing up on our Virtual Gastric Band Program.

Virtual Gastric Band Clinical Trial at York Hull Medical School

The Hull York Medical School is the home of the clinical trial for our Virtual Gastric Band Weight Loss Program

This is a control group exploratory trial that will lead to a long term clinical trial in England.

On September 29-30, 2012 you can join us, (Maybe, there are only a few seats left and no larger  place to hold our class) to learn not only how to do this process successfully, but how to market your practice to attract a steady stream of clients.

The initial stages of the most recent clinical trial had 100% success with volunteer test subjects losing weight.  An outstanding accomplishment for a non-diet focused program.

Do you want happy clients too?  Register now for Long Island Virtual Gastric Band Class

Here’s what you get at our training:

Imagine your business after you will have taken your Virtual Gastric Band training seminar.  Imagine how much more effective you will have become, working with your overweight clients. One new client attracted to use your new virtual gastric band program will have paid for your training.  Just imagine what will happen to your practice when your local news picks up on this newsworthy way of helping 60% of their readers, listeners and viewers.

This program is designed to make your hypnosis/hypnotherapy practice the thriving business it is meant to be. And with 60% of the population in need of weight loss help, there will be plenty of people interested in helping you build your practice while you help them reduce their waistlines. A great Win/Win training.

Sheila and Marc will be giving away the store. They will reveal not only what they do that works, but what they have done that doesn’t work. You can modify the program to suit your personal style as well if you think you will improve your success.  Now you’ll have a way of comparing your results with a known successful program.

We are results oriented.  We began this program with tests and trials and we continue to test.  We are currently involved in a University and Medical School Clinical Trials that have gotten outstanding preliminary results.  Results are what we want, isn’t it? This program is focused on your results. Your clients’ results, your business results, and the good will generated for the whole hypnosis/hypnotherapy community. With that said, here’s a partial list of what to expect in February

  • 2 Mp3′s that you can reproduce and give to clients that back up the program and act as a reinforcement for the work. And from our experience and tests, clients who listen daily improve the most.
  • Included are the written script of these so that you can easily produce your own recording. (It’s better to have your clients listen to the sound of your voice, especially after you have conditioned them to it while in your office.)
  • Training Manual For The Virtual Gastric Band Weight Loss Program, Which Includes
    Scripts for All Four Hypnosis Sessions. You can view these as stand alone scripts or as outlines that you can adapt and tailor to suit the individual, and your own personal style.
  • Added bonus – we’ll be including a training manual on “Building Your Own Successful Practice”, this will help not only with the weight loss side of your business but also all other aspects of your business.
  • Soundtrack of medical operation for your imaginary gastric band surgery session
  • Resources for creating the necessary environment for a successful outcome.
  • Certificate of Training
  • Your listing in the number 1 directory for Virtual Gastric Band Practitioners
  • Ongoing Support – a forum that addresses your questions as they come up.  We don’t just teach you what to do, we help you with any questions as they arise.  You know that working with a program will always bring up questions you didn’t even know you had while you were learning things.  We’ve got an active community of helpful advisors to assist you on your journey.
  • Referrals – We are the heavyweights in the field of Virtual Gastric Band Weight Loss and we get lots of inquiries for practitioners in localities around the world.  We announce these inquiries on our support forum so you get an opportunity to capture these leads for your practice.


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