VA Class Thank You

Thank You!  You’re In!

Welcome to the Virtual Gastric Band Class Virginia  May 3-4 2014

Please make sure that you reserve your room at the Hilton Hotel Springfield VA if you will need overnight accommodations.  We’ve arranged a sweet deal for our students at $84/night at this wonderful hotel.

Please go to our Custom Reservation Page

We can only guarantee this rate for a limited number of rooms and only until April 25th, so make sure that you get reserved as soon as possible.

If it’s after our deadline, you can try calling the group manager,  Brittany Garcia at
703-971-8900.  The group name is Virtual Gastric Band, and perhaps you can get some assistance with your reservation.

Our class is being held at a nearby office conference room and if you have a car please let us know so we can arrange some car pooling for those without transportation in the area.

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