How Many Clients Can You See a Week?

This is from the comment section of part of the video Q & A of the Teleseminar that I recently did with Sheila Granger. This responder is trying to call my interview guest a liar as she also attacks all the American readers. Here’s what she says:

    “oh come on you silly yanks

    50 clients at £350 per client = £17,500 per week

    = £910,000 per year!

    she should be a millionare !

    and errrr ……. do you real y think she can see 50 clients a week …… i find it mentally draining to see more than 15

    us english people think she is “lifting your leg” !!!!

    be weary !!!!”

And this is my response:

    “Hi Clare,
    It’s not really polite to denigrate your host in the comment section, but I can play, even though you refer to me as a “silly yank”. I assume that you are a hypnotist, but that might not be accurate. I’m not really sure that you identified yourself correctly in your post, so I don’t want anyone to assume that the name listed for you actually means that you are that person.

    Your numbers seem to accurately portray a successful hypnosis practice, probably far more successful than what a single practitioner could possibly look to bring in charging that small amount per client. And I say small amount because from what I can see when researching on the internet the prices that Sheila charges appear to be less than half of what other hypnotists charge in Europe for similar weight loss programs. So I get it, … other hypnotists might not look favorably upon someone that challenges the status quo. Especially if it eats into your earning potential, and might seem to be taking customers away from your own business.

    Now the numbers that you put up there are not quite what Sheila claimed and there’s a big discrepancy that brings your total out of that unbelievable range and down to earthly statistics. First off, she stated that she sees 40-50 clients per week. Assuredly a very large number of clients that would make mere mortals like me quite spent at the end of the day, but certainly doable. I know personally of a hypnotist here in the states that saw similar numbers after getting favorable press on TV a few years ago, and also as a result has sold millions of dollars in recorded sales.

    But the really big discrepancy that you have in your stats, is that the price she’s charging is per client and not per session. You calculated her client fee as if it was for 200 clients per month, when it’s actually 1/4 of that.

    I understand your rush to judgment because your model of doing hypnosis is challenged. And that’s the whole point of this training. I’m looking to take my hypnosis trainings to a whole new level. I want to be able to reach more clients and help more people. I’m willing to lower my prices, which are also far more than what Sheila charges and see if I can be as successful with my clients as Sheila is with hers.

    Perhaps it’s you silly English people that are stuck in your ways.

    And just as a side note, how come it’s “you silly yanks”, and “us english people”? Why didn’t you say “us limey’s” so at least you would be consistent in your use of slang? As a hypnotist I look to build bridges, not tear them down.”

To which she responds:

    “fool !!”

To which I respond:

    “Clare, you’ve obviously allowed your emotions to run away from you on this topic. Not a good showing for a professional in any field, but especially bad form for a hypnotist.”

    Now I’d like to know if it is possible to see as many clients a week as Sheila is seeing. I have been seeing clients for over 12 years, and the length of time that I see clients now is a good half of what I spent when I first started out. When I took my first training, my teacher taught his style of doing hypnosis which involved working clients through a very intense session where he guided them through every technique that he had ever learned all in one session. It could take him 3 hours, or it could take him 5 or more hours. And that was the model that I started seeing clients with. I quickly learned how to accomplish things better. I learned how to break up the process so I could send the client home and have them integrate the new responses into their every day life. I learned how to wrap up a session so we could get back to it at a later time. I found out that the shorter sessions was a much better way of doing things. So as I got better at it, I got more experienced at it because I was able to see more clients and my clients appreciated the process more and got better results.

    So you could say as I streamlined the whole process and shortened the sessions the programs became a higher quality product as well. Not unheard of at all as we often find that as we increase productivity we usually also increase quality. There is also a point of diminishing returns, so I think you should monitor your results.

    I have never personally seen 40-50 clients a week. I think the most I had ever seen was 20 clients in a week. I have seen up to 10 clients in one day. I wasn’t fatigued at the end of the day, I was energized and had trouble going to sleep. Maybe that was fatigue. But I didn’t feel drained. But not having had the experience of seeing that many clients and wanting to know if that was even possible I did some research and went to a reliable source.

    I remember when the national news show “Dateline” aired an ongoing report on the different methods of weight loss. One of the methods investigated was hypnosis, and they used the services of Tom Nicoli to work with a baker. Tom was very successful at helping this baker lose weight and the reason I remember that show so well is that I got very busy because of all the great publicity that Tom’s appearance on that show generated for all the hypnotists nationwide, including me.

    I also remember reading somewhere about Tom being extremely busy as a result of the show as well. So I called Tom up to find out just how busy. This is what he told me. He became so busy after the show that he had to extend his hours so that he was seeing clients from 7 am to 10 pm – 7 days/week. I’ll say that again… 7 am – 10 pm (that’s 15 hours ) Monday through Sunday – 7 days/ week (that’s working 105 hours/week). And Tom’s sessions were 1 hour long so that’s seeing 105 clients/week. He did that for 6 months. And yes there were repercussions for Tom. He had to slow down because that was too much for his body to effectively handle. And that’s why he only did it for 6 months. Still, that is over twice the number of clients that Sheila says she’s been seeing for the past 8 months. And she is looking to decrease the numbers as well and teach others how to use the program that she developed.

    So the question was, is it possible to see 50 clients a week? And the answer is a resounding yes! Just remember that it is a choice as to whether you need to see that number or not. You can develop a nice waiting list so that you can plan your future more efficiently, knowing that you have enough business to last into the next quarter, or even the next year. When you work for your self there’s a definite level of comfort having your time pre-booked. And that’s also part of the training that Sheila is presenting this October. She’s offering a kind of business in a box. She’s also supplying her PR force to jump start this new business over here in North America so we can all benefit from the publicity and the public curiosity that will be out there. If you want to be ready to take advantage of the new business we’re expecting from this new creative solution to the overweight market then join us on October 15-17, 2010 for a powerful business building virtual gastric band seminar. For all the details check out the virtual gastric band training.

    What do you think? Do you think you could handle 40-50 clients a week? Do you think it’s possible for a hypnotist to see that many clients in a week? Post your comments below:

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