How Long Is The Virtual Gastric Band Training?

I keep on getting more and more questions from people who want to come take this training. It’s a good thing that all the people with questions won’t be attending because we’d have to turn away 90% of them because we are dedicated to you getting the skills to be effective. We need to make this training manageable for that. I know there are some trainers that fill up thousands of people into a hall and call that a training. We will never do that! I would not consider that a training. That can be categorized as a lecture, but not a training. You might feel good when you leave, but I don’t believe you will be any more effective with your clients than when you signed up for an event like that. We are dedicated to teaching you effective hypnotic influence with weight loss.

Here’s another question from people looking to attend. Celina asked, “How long is the training?”

The training that we run for the virtual gastric band is 3 days. We usually start on Friday at 10 AM and run until 4 PM for the first day. Saturday we start again at 10 AM and continue on until 4 PM again. Sunday we start at 10 AM like the other days but we finish up at 3 PM. This allows people who are flying in and out of the seminar city to catch a flight out without having to spend an extra night in the host city. This allow more flexibility for the attendees.

You can take advantage of the next training and assure you will have a place in the class when you register for the virtual gastric band training class right now. You’ll have the tools that will make you the authority in your locale for weight loss. So go sign up now so you won’t disappointed later. You would not believe the amount of people who called me up after our last New York Virtual Gastric Band training and told me that they found out about it too late and they were now kicking themselves in the butt because they missed it. And the number of disappointed therapists and hypnotists doubled after they saw me on the CBS-TV news at 11 PM. But I didn’t really have time to spend on the phone with them because my schedule was so full taking care of all the new clients who called in after the news segment. And they keep on calling in months later!

After you take this training and learn the marketing techniques that we teach, you might be the one that’s profiled on your local TV News. I can tell you local TV News is looking for this story. They call me regularly and ask if there are practitioners of this program in their area. I gladly refer those who have taken the training. That might as well be you!

Get registered for the next Virtual Gastric Band Seminar Class.

If you have any questions or comments you can leave them below in the comment section.

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How Fast Can I Get Good At Helping My Clients With The Virtual Gastric Band?

Here’s another one of those questions asked about the Virtual Gastric Band Training that’s coming up soon.

Robert asks, “What kind of time frame am I looking at to become proficient in the procedure?”

Well Robert, you should have everything you need to get great results right out of the training. Provided of course that you are already proficient at being a hypnotist and guiding your clients into a sufficient state of hypnotic trance. We don’t train you to be a hypnotist so you already should have the necessary prerequisite of hypnotic skills in order to implement what you learn in our training.

It’s also a fairly straight forward and simple procedure, so you shouldn’t have any difficulty mastering it and becoming proficient at it fairly quickly. I do recommend that you focus your marketing on building a steady flow of new clients so you can hone your new skills and tailor them to your own style.

If you are looking for a way to increase your effectiveness with weight loss clients you should seriously consider attending our next training to learn the virtual gastric band process. There is a very large segment of our population that is in need of your expertise.

Our next Virtual gastric band training is listed on the training page. Go check it out now because there is an upper limit on how many we can fit into the classroom.

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How Soon Can I Start With The Virtual Gastric Band Program For My Clients?

Another question asked me by Sharon. She wants to know, How soon can I start?

After the training, you will have everything that you will need to get started seeing clients from the first through the last session with them. You will have word for word scripts that you can use as they are or you can modify them to fit your style of hypnosis. Since Sheila has such a high success rate, I suggest that you start off doing exactly the things that she does and as close to how she does it as possible. After you get your own results you can then start to modify it so that you can increase your own effectiveness with the program. That’s just my thoughts, you can choose to do it your own way entirely.

Don’t forget to register for your seat our next hands on training. This is the only hands on training of it’s kind. For more info on the next Virtual Gastric Band Seminar Class for training you can visit the training page on this site.

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How Many Clients Are Included In Your Success Rates for Virtual Gastric Band Training?

I came across another really good question from those interested in attending our Virtual Gastric Band Training in NYC on April 8-10, 2011.

This one came from Roy, He asked: How many clients have you now followed to acquire your data?

The data that we use is based upon Sheila’s initial trial of volunteers that she had. She started with 25 eager volunteers to participate in her Virtual Gastric Band Weight Loss Program. And when a reporter caught wind of it, she followed the progress of the 25 volunteers. After 3 weeks 24 of the 25 volunteers lost weight. Sheila did another group that was put together for her by a bariatric surgeon. These were the patients that didn’t meet the criteria for the government insurance program that pays for the surgery. And after working with these 13 people, again only one didn’t lose weight. So similar results were achieved.

While these aren’t long term studies, they are significant in showing that the program is effective in helping people get back in touch with the sensation of fullness or satiety. It is not a diet, so clients are not feeling deprived or restricted in the choices of foods that they make. The also are not required to focus on food all the time. So they are training their minds to focus on things that are more important to them than fuel for proper functioning. It’s a lifestyle change that they can adhere to forever.

Our next training to learn how to properly guide your clients through a successful weight loss transformation is coming up on April 8-10, 2011. You can register for the NYC seminar and be part of the class of new virtual gastric band practitioners this year by going to this link for the Virtual Gastric Band Training Course Seminar

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Where Can I Get the Virtual Gastric Band Done?

Getting a virtual gastric band done is a lot easier than getting the actual surgery done.  Though it might take a while to locate a place in your area that will help you with it.  That’s because it’s still a fairly new procedure here in the States.

You can get the virtual gastric band put in in New York at the virtual gastric band office in Manhattan on East 54th St., New York, NY 10022.  It’s a convenient location if you are anywhere in the tri-state area, and New York is a convenient place to fly in and out of with 4 airports in the area and 3 of them serving International flights.  The office in Midtown East is close to many luxury hotels if you are looking for a place to stay while in New York.  And one of the many perks is the proximity to many of the locations you’ve probably become familiar with from the Movies and TV shows.

But what’s most important to you is the level of competence and professionalism that you will get when you work with Virtual Gastric Band New York.  Involved in weight loss help for over 12 years, and now spearheading the effort of bringing this new process into the country from overseas, you will be assured of getting world class treatment in the style and comfort you’ve grown accustomed to.

You can call to schedule your appointments at 212 223-1832.

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Questions Answered About Virtual Gastric Band Seminar Training NYC April 8-10, 2011

I’ve been getting people leaving their queries in the question box that was meant for the teleseminar,  and I’ve decided that the best way to answer these questions are on the blog so that more people can benefit from the answers.  I figured that if one of you has that question, it’s very likely that there are more of you out there who needs an answer to it as well.  So here is the first of the question and answers I’m posting.

Elizabeth asks,

“We spoke sometime last year about me attending the training but I was unable to. I want to attend this training coming up, but what I wanted to know was, what sort of manuals, marketing plans and assistance is offered that will help us start and maintain a profitable business?

Thank you in advance and I look forward to hearing from you soon.”

Hi Elizabeth, thanks for taking the time to pose your question.  There are two manuals and a CD that is included in the training materials as well as a Yahoo group that is formed for the attendees where subsequent support is provided by me, Sheila and the other attendees.  I have found the Yahoo group has been a great surprise benefit that has added tremendous value to our training.

The first manual is a step by step tutorial of what each session consists of.  How to provide the proper info to your clients for their success and exactly what to say to them while they are in trance.  The manual includes scripts for each session that you can use word for word or as an outline for you to use create your own personalized scripts.  There are also 2 additional scripts included for CD’s that you can make and supply to your clients for additional support.

The second manual includes Sheila’s marketing plan.  She explains what she has done to effectively market the Virtual Gastric Band in her market and how she became the expert in her area.  She explains what she does that works and what she has done that didn’t produce any results for her.  She begins her marketing training with personal development and on building strategies based upon your personal vision of who you are, what inspires you, and how you see your business develop.  She includes not only marketing material but also selling material for you or your assistants.

The CD that’s included has two examples of Sheila’s back up support recordings and the operating room sounds that she uses for her sessions.

I hope this answered your question.  If you have any more about this topic please feel free to post them in the comment section below.  The next Virtual Gastric Band training in NYC is filling up pretty fast so make sure you reserve your seat before you get closed out.

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Transformational AllStars Interviews Marc Carlin

The Transformational Allstars are interviewing Marc Carlin about the Virtual Gastric Band program for weight loss. This unique program uses your imagination to help you lose weight naturally as you change your habits for a new lifestyle of health and happy eating.

Marc Carlin is interviewed on The Virtual Gastric Band Program

Listen to the teleseminar Monday March 21, at 9 PM Eastern Time until 11 PM Eastern Time. To get the listening info sign into the form below:

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Virtual Gastric Band Seminar NYC April 8-10, 2011

I recently received this question about accommodations for the upcoming training class for the gastric band hypnosis seminar in NYC April 8-10, 2011. I figured I could give my answer and get the experiences of others who are coming or who have experience with hotels and accommodations in NYC and the surrounding area, like New Jersey, Queens and Brooklyn.

Here’s the question:

Hi Marc,
I want to make my arrangements for the training. If I fly into Newark, can you please remind me of the name of the hotel?
And again, how long of a distance is it into the training?

Well there are three airports that you can use to fly into New York, Kennedy Airport, LaGuardia, and Newark, NJ airport. The hotel that a number of our attendees used at our last training in NYC was the Newark Hilton at the Newark Penn Station. From what I was told, this hotel was directly over the Penn Station in Newark NJ, and they were able to go downstairs from their hotel room and take the train directly to Penn Station in New York City.

I’m not sure the times from Penn Station NJ to Penn Station NY, but the schedules are probably available online, and if anyone knows of them without looking online, please feel free to post it below in the comments as that would be appreciated. The walk from Penn Station NY to where the class is being held should be about 10 minutes including elevator ride.

Our Seminar will be held just a couple of blocks from Penn Station, so it turned out to be a very convenient hotel for everyone.

I’d welcome your input on places to stay for anyone coming into New York.

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Sheila Granger’s Students Get Media Attention

Part of Sheila Granger’s Virtual Gastric Band Training includes a workable strategy for getting media attention for your work. This is always a boon for any business. Here’s what happened after Sheila’s training for her student Brian:

How can this type of exposure help your business? Get the right training and see your hypnosis practice take off as a result of the exposure.
Sign up now for the next training:
Virtual Gastric Band Training Class in NYC April 8-10, 2011

Get the type of attention that you want and build a list of successful fat loss clients.

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Get Hypnosis Gastric Band Training With Sheila Granger

Here’s what one of the students from the NYC training said about her experience with Sheila’s class. You can get your training in Hypnosis gastric Band class so you can offer this weight loss solution to your clients too.

This is your time to get the kind of training that will help you be successful with this program. Sheila has clinical tests that have proven 95% successful. How would you feel offering your clients a program that has that level of success? Find out more about hypnotherapy gastric band seminar class in Las Vegas coming up soon.

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