Working With Emotional Eaters-Gastric Band Hypnosis

Here’s a technique that I use to help my clients feel more comfortable.

Sign up for the Virtual Gastric Band Class scheduled for Detroit, Michigan on May 5-6 or Cincinnati, Ohio/Erlanger, Kentucky, scheduled for May 12-13, and learn how to help your clients to lose weight naturally.

Dr. Oz recently showcased how powerful and effective this gastric band hypnosis concept is.

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Gastric Band Hypnosis in Midwest Video for Virtual Gastric Band Class

The following video is of Sheila working with a volunteer overweight subject in our class. We all just met her as she came in because she heard that we could help her lose weight. So this is a real life example of how we work with our clients using gastric band hypnosis for weight loss.

At the end of the video you will notice how much more calm and happy our subject feels. It’s like a different person from the one we met just a day before. A nice transformation which is common response with our clients. They start to feel much more comfortable with themselves. They also start to feel more confident in their abilities to stay in control of food and eating.

You can join us and learn how to be an effective weight loss hypnotist by signing up and reserving your seat for Detroit, MI, or Cincinnati, OH area. We have two Gastric Band Hypnosis Classes in the Midwest.

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Gastric Band Hypnosis In Ohio, May 12-13

Watch this video from a recent class where I explain how Sheila and I decided to work together to bring this unique classroom training to the world.

So far we’ve been involved in over 18 classes, workshops, lectures and trainings worldwide and have added over 400 practitioners able to work effectively with weight loss problems and help others lose weight without dieting and without depriving themselves.

Watch the video and see what attracted me most to Sheila’s program and how I’ve been able to use it to increase the effectiveness of weight loss hypnosis in my office.

There are still a few seats left, so go sign up and reserve your seat at:
Gastric Band Hypnosis Detroit, Michigan, May 5-6, 2012

We are also holding a class in Ohio/Kentucky and you can visit either
Gastric Band Hypnosis Cincinnati, Ohio, May 12-13, 2012 or
Gastric Band Hypnosis Kentucky, May 12-13, 2012 to reserve your seats for that training class.

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Fox News Love’s Sheila Granger’s Virtual Gastric Band With Jeff Richards

Jeff Richards, certified hypnotist and one of Sheila Granger’s Virtual Gastric Band practitioners was featured on Fox News in Ohio. You can watch how he’s been able to help his client lose lots of weight. They also speak with another of his clients that helped stop smoking over two years ago.

You can learn how to use Gastric Band Hypnosis with Sheila Granger and Marc Carlin coming to the Midwest in Detroit Michigan, and the Ohio/Kentucky area the beginning of May. Check out the training schedule now at:

London, UK, Detroit Michigan, and Ohio/Kentucky Classes

Marc Carlin & Sheila Granger Teach The Virtual Gastric Band In Detroit Michigan

Marc Carlin & Sheila Granger Teach The Virtual Gastric Band In Detroit Michigan

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Next Classes Tampa Florida, February 24-26 & London, UK March 17-18

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How To Use The Virtual Gastric Band With Your Clients

On August 9th Marc Carlin interviewed Sheila Granger using his now famous Q & A Hotseat style where the listeners get to ask their most pressing questions of Sheila.  She freely answered all the questions and in her pleasing style, just as she does during her training of the Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis training class.

Take The Virtual Gastric Band Training Seminar In Los Angeles

Sheila Granger and Marc Carlin with their new book for Los Angeles Class

Her upcoming seminars in Los Angeles and London are expected to be well attended with the typical group of fun loving and inquisitive souls.  Sheila and Marc are known for attracting the creme de la creme of the serious hypnotists around the world.

This interview was a special 1st Anniversary addition of their first now famous interview that launched Sheila and Marc’s year long quest to bring as many new hypnotists into the program as possible.  Sheila’s goal has always been to reach as many people as possible to help the overweight and suffering obese population around the world.

And in one short year, Marc Carlin and Sheila Granger have been able to bring her program to the world, having trained hypnotists in England, USA, Australia, Canada and soon to be Germany, Italy, and South Africa.  With now over 150 practitioners Sheila is pleased to be able to soon realize her dream of being able to help and continue to stem the rise of overweight and obesity plagued individuals by using her program of weight loss.

Sheila Granger and Marc Carlin will train hypnotists in the Virtual Gastric Band in London

Sheila Granger teaching the Virtual Gastric Band to hypnotists, therapists, doctors.

To get the only hands on training in Sheila Granger’s Virtual Gastric Band you can visit our live events page to sign up for our next training.

Listen to this little sample of their hour and half interview and enter your name and email address into the box below to get the entire interview for download to your computer.  This interview will only be available for a limited time so do it now so you don’t miss out.

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London Training Search Video

This video shows you the search results for
1. virtual gastric band
2. gastric band hypnosis in NYC
3. virtual gastric band seminars
4. virtual gastric band practitioners
5. virtual gastric band workbook
6. virtual gastric band training in London
7. get virtual gastric band training today

1. virtual gastric band

In the first screen under the virtual gastric band search we find in position 1 the directory that I set up to list all of our students who have taken Sheila and my course for the gastric band hypnosis program. So by taking our course you get listed in a first page and first position google page and get a link back to your website. This is a great bonus to taking our course. But it gets better. When you take our gastric band hypnosis training class you are also invited to write articles and have them appear on our directory site. This provides you with authority in this field as well as additional links back to your website. A great SEO factor for your own website.

The second website that comes up on google is my own nyc website.

2. gastric band hypnosis in NYC

This screen shows my new york city website come up first and second and our directory site coming up in third position on google.

3. virtual gastric band seminars

The first three positions on google are my website for virtual gastric band training that we do

4. virtual gastric band practitioners

the first two sites listed on google here are the directory that I offer our students listings in and the invitation to write articles for the directory.

5. virtual gastric band workbook

The first listing on google is for our new book, Sheila Granger’s Virtual Gastric Band Workbook, The Solution To The Worldwide Obesity Epidemic

6. virtual gastric band training in London

The four listings shown under this search are my videos.

7. get virtual gastric band training today

Isn’t it time that you learned from a winning team? Learn one of the most talked about hypnotic processes of recent years from a team of dedicated trainers who want you to succeed and will show you how to not only market your new service, but how to market your practice and become successful in your area of work.

Sign up now for London:

Virtual gastric Band Training Class in London UK

Get Virtual Gastric Band Training In London

Get Virtual Gastric Band Training In London

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Are Past Attendees Seeing Success With Your Virtual Gastric Band Program?


By this time next week we’ll be showing therapists and hypnotists
from around the world the proper way to use the virtual
gastric band to help their clients regain their shape and

I’ve been blown away by the success that my clients have had,
but I recently got a question from someone about how successful
have other attendees of this course been?

Well, since I created a support system that includes group
interaction, I have been able to keep up with many of our past
attendees and I know that my success, and Sheila’s success at
working with overweight and obese clients is not a fluke.

Here’s some remarks from our past attendees after using our

David, who took the training at the end of January did a trial
to a small group of test clients. He wrote that a couple of
the people he worked with lost 12 pounds over the 3 weeks he
worked with them.

Trained to do Sheila Granger's Virtual Gastric Band

David's Certificate of Completion for Virutal Gastric Band

“I made it through the trial. Unfortunately – I didn’t have a large
sample – so
the overall results in terms of percentages aren’t quite so
impressive, but the
amount lost was quite good. Of the 4 people who participated two of
them lost
about 12 lbs each. One lost about 5 or 6 lbs, and one initially
lost, but ended
up breaking even. This was the one who a) wasn’t especially heavy
to begin
with, but maybe had about 15 lbs to lose – and didn’t like the 3
small meals
concept. I still think I may end up having success with her after
the last
session, which seemed to go very well.

The two who lost big are already looking to send their friends my
way.. so
overall – I’d say this was a good trial.”

By the way David has been studying hypnosis for quite some time but
he has never worked with clients before in this manner. And he got this
kind of success right out of the box. Kudos David!

Now onto some of the more seasoned pros, because after all this is not a
remedial program but meant for therapists and hypnotists that are already
seasoned and practiced in the art and science of hypnosis.

Here’s what Bill wrote in about how clients are responding to his work with Sheila’s Virtual Gastric Band:

Sheila Granger's Virtual Gastric Band Certificate of Completion

Bill gets his certificate of completion of Virtual Gastric Band Training

“Hey Everyone,
I wanted to share this email with you. This gentleman was my
first client for the Virtual Gastric Band. I have others with close
to equal results, too. By the way, the 3 ½ month timeline he speaks
of includes a Stop Drinking session we did to eliminate all alcohol
cravings he was having; was a daily drinker (work stress), but
hasn’t even had the urge to drink since….and, went through the
holiday season without the urge.”

Here’s what Bill’s client had to say about the program:

“Hi Bill,

Just wanted to drop you a quick note and let you know my progress with the virtual lap band.
I have now lost over 47 pounds and have passed the half way mark of my goal in less than 3 1/2 months.
I’m feeling healthier than ever.  My doctor has already taken me off 4 medications for my high blood pressure,
and plans to wean me off the remaining medications.
I’m really at the awkward stage when it comes to my clothes, the ones I own are way to big, but I don’t want to buy
new clothes until I lose more weight.
The people that know me are amazed at the weight I have lost and always ask me how I did it.  I refer them to
your web page, so hopefully you are getting some calls from people who are interested.
Hope all is going well with this program and that others are experiencing the same success I have. ”

And here’s what he says about the business aspect of incorporating this Virtual Gastric Band program into his practice:

“I’m like you with this program. My business has increased more than four-fold in the past several months…….the great thing about it is that Virtual Gastric Band is only a fraction of the increase. I think the positive energy and thoughts (and passion) that go into this whole thing…..encourages more activity that seems unrelated. I know that sounds a little “Fringe” and I am a fundamental Christian; but, I must say there is a “buzz” in the air that I haven’t seen for quite a while. I guess doing good, brings good. Yeah, that sounds much better.”

And here’s what Diane has said about how it’s been working in her practice:

Certificate of completion of Virtual Gastric Band Training

Diane gets her Certificate of completion of Virtual Gastric Band Training

“Hi Bill,
Congratulations – what a great testimonial! I have actually referred someone to you. Hopefully they will call.
And yes, I agree with you all, I love this program too. It has been a wonderful wake-up for me as I was getting a little ‘blah’ with my previous weight program.
This really excites me. I’m doing both group and private and both are going very well.”

I’ve got many more of these types of emails and people sharing their experiences and how they handle their clients’ challenges and their workload that it would take up quite a bit of space and your time to read all of them. I’ll save some for a later post if you are still interested.

So to sum this program up, it’s been a boon to the attendees business and very productive in helping their clients weight loss goals.

There is very little time left to register for our next training April 8-10 in New York City. This is also probably the last time we’ll be hosting this event in the Big Apple. So if you’re in the area this should be a no brainer for you. You wouldn’t believe the number of calls I got after we finished our NYC seminar last year. So many people were angry they missed their chance to get the training in this new concept. And you should know there is no substitute for a live training. Online courses are what people should take when there are no other options! And even if you already have some other training in this type of work, you will be thrilled to have taken this live training or I’ll give you your money back!

There is little time left for you to be sitting on the fence, and there are only a few seats still open, unless I arrange a larger room which may be out of the question anyway. So if you are at all curious about our training check out how you can learn Virtual Gastric Band weight loss for your clients or patients in New York City April 8-10 before it’s too late!

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Will You Have A Virtual Gastric Band Training On The West Coast?

This question came from Betty, “Will you have a virtual gastric band training on the West Coast?”
Hi Betty, and thanks for your question. We just did a training in Las Vegas in January of this year. I know that those of you living in California, don’t consider Las Vegas a the West Coast, but when I travel all the way from New York to Las Vegas, I kind of think that Vegas is such a central location for the Southwestern and West Coast States, that it encompasses those who are serious about taking this type of training. And, indeed, many of the people who came to Las Vegas were from California. So I guess it worked out nicely for those who are from the West Coast.

There were also many people in our NYC training we did in October, that traveled from the West Coast as well. Unfortunately at this early stage of the development of this program, there won’t be a trainer right down the street from you anytime soon. So you will probably have to travel a bit in order to take advantage of the training. If we do a training in California, chances are you will have to travel to one to the three large cities we hold it in anyway, and that will end up costing and taking as much time as it takes to travel to another American City these days. So you might want to consider taking our training in an other-than-West Coast City. You can find out about our next Virtual Gastric Band Training on our gastric band hypnosis seminar page, and if you need any advice about travel arrangements you can call me at 212 223-1832, and I will try to assist you in any way that I can.

Since the majority of your colleagues won’t be traveling out of town for this type of training, that will mean that if you decide to travel, you will be the local expert when the media decide to do a story on this fascinating new way of losing weight. 😉

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Do you do Virtual Gastric Band Training in Australia?

Some of the more immediate questions have to do with where therapists and hypnotists can participate in our hands on virtual gastric band training. I get questions from around the world about whether we would be interested in training people in other countries. Here’s an example of a recent question I received from Mark:

Do you do gastric band hypnosis training in Australia?
If not can you send me information regarding training.

Hi Mark, we have been approached by organizations in Australia about traveling “down under” to teach Australians how to properly perform the Virtual Gastric Band. We are considering it, however there is no firm commitment on their part for this year, so we might not be going there anytime soon. We get calls and inquiries from all over and we would like to travel but our time commitments to helping our clients in our local areas must be considered. So we are spending our time pursuing serious inquiries from other areas. We have been in touch with organizations and trainers in South Africa, Canada, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Mexico, Germany, The Netherlands, Italy, France, as well as Australia. As of this posting there is nothing concrete that I can announce. But if there are other organizations that are serious about hosting us in your country, we always entertain those inquiries. They must be able to make a commitment of a minimum number of attendees and be able to cover travel expenses. And as I mentioned, because of our local commitments to the neighbors that we work with on a personal level, these arrangements must be made with some lead time.

With that being said, I can state that the next training that I can assure you will definitely happen, is the Virtual Gastric Band Seminar Training scheduled on the gastric band hypnosis class page.

If you have any further questions or want to add any information you can add your comment below:

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