Long Island Virtual Gastric Band Class

Virtual Gastric Band Training

Long Island, New York

Sept. 29-30, 2012

Training in the best hypnosis weight loss program there is. Take your hypnosis practice to the next level

What’s included? Everything… that’s Everything… that’s Everything.

Virtual Gastric Band Training Seminar Classes
Sheila Granger guest speaker at the Virtual Gastric Band Training Class

Imagine your business after you’ll have taken the virtual gastric band training seminar,
imagine how much more effective you will have been working with
your overweight clients.

One new client attracted to use the virtual gastric band will pay for your training and just a handful of new clients wanting the virtual gastric band program will pay for the entire weekend. Just imagine if your local news picks up on this sexy newsworthy way of helping 60% of the people reading, watching and listening to them, your entire hypnosis practice might take off the same way that Sheila’s has.

This program is designed to make your hypnosis business the thriving business it is meant to be. And with 60% of the population in need of weight loss help, there will be plenty of people interested in helping you build your business while you help them reduce their waistlines. A great Win/Win training.

Here’s what the attendees think of Sheila and Marc’s training:Here’s what the attendees think of Sheila and Marc’s training:

We are giving away the store. We are going to reveal not only what we do that works, but what we’ve done that doesn’t work. So if you want to modify the program, you can start by doing something that’s different and compare your results. Results are what we want, isn’t it? This program is focused on your results. Your clients’ results, your business results, and the good will generated for the whole hypnosis community. With that said, here’s a partial list of what to expect in October. Added bonus we’ll  be including a training manual on “Building Your Own Successful Practice”, this will help not only with the weight loss side of your business but also all other aspects of your business.

Included also are the written script of these so that you can easily produce your own recording. It’s better to have your clients listen to the sound of your voice, especially after you have conditioned them to it while in your office.

Another satisfied student

2 Mp3’s that you can reproduce and give to clients that back up the program and act as a reinforcement for the work. And from our experience and tests, clients who listen daily improve the most.

Training Manual For The Virtual Gastric Band Weight Loss Program, Which Includes
Scripts for All Four Hypnosis Sessions. You can view these as stand alone scripts or as outlines that you can adapt and tailor to suit the individual, and your own personal style.

As I said, … Everything!

Investment for Long Island, New York Training:

Only $997

Early Bird Price: $797

(Limited to next 10 sign-ups or ends August 31st whichever comes first)

Once the entire Virtual Gastric Band Program is absorbed by each attendee, we plan to spend the rest of the time on Marketing.
We will cover the things that worked for us in addition to the things that didn’t, so that hopefully people won’t make the mistakes that we’ve made along the way. We will also cover our approach to medical practitioners and copy letters/emails that we have sent and received positive replies from. And Sheila was invited to include her practice in the local surgical center where they are doing the real gastric band process. The doctors in this office are referring her their patients in addition to her already busy practice. Imagine you having a free source of continuing new clients for your business.

All of the many press clippings from our own publicity campaigns will be included for you to use in your own marketing, on your website, in your office, and wherever you feel it will enhance your standing in your community and marketing. It lends itself to you becoming the authority in your market.

And this is really cool! And I’m so psyched to be getting this as well:
The training is designed to be a business in a box. It will cover even sales techniques that can be used right from the initial telephone call, the first meeting and taking the clients history, through to step by step what is covered with the client in all four sessions.

      • *There is no guarantee, implied or otherwise that just by attending this training you will have a business up and running. Most people who attend seminars and buy training methods don’t take any action. And without your action you will get nothing. The methods that will be revealed at this training are what we have done to help clients lose weight and what we have done to build our business. Your own mileage may vary.
    • The Schedule for the training is Saturday from 9 AM – 5 PM and Sunday from 9 AM – 4 PM. If you have any questions you want answered, you can call me at 212 223-1832. I’ll be glad to help you out in any way.

  • And of course, space is limited for this seminar… I would like everyone to attend but I really don’t have the facilities to handle a very large crowd. In addition, I want to make sure that we all get the attention we deserve and really learn how to run the program properly.

Investment for Long Island, New York Training:

Only $997

Early Bird Price: $797

(Limited to the next 10 sign-ups or ends August 31st whichever comes first)

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