How Soon Can I Start With The Virtual Gastric Band Program For My Clients?

Another question asked me by Sharon. She wants to know, How soon can I start?

After the training, you will have everything that you will need to get started seeing clients from the first through the last session with them. You will have word for word scripts that you can use as they are or you can modify them to fit your style of hypnosis. Since Sheila has such a high success rate, I suggest that you start off doing exactly the things that she does and as close to how she does it as possible. After you get your own results you can then start to modify it so that you can increase your own effectiveness with the program. That’s just my thoughts, you can choose to do it your own way entirely.

Don’t forget to register for your seat our next hands on training. This is the only hands on training of it’s kind. For more info on the next Virtual Gastric Band Seminar Class for training you can visit the training page on this site.

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