How Many Clients Are Included In Your Success Rates for Virtual Gastric Band Training?

I came across another really good question from those interested in attending our Virtual Gastric Band Training in NYC on April 8-10, 2011.

This one came from Roy, He asked: How many clients have you now followed to acquire your data?

The data that we use is based upon Sheila’s initial trial of volunteers that she had. She started with 25 eager volunteers to participate in her Virtual Gastric Band Weight Loss Program. And when a reporter caught wind of it, she followed the progress of the 25 volunteers. After 3 weeks 24 of the 25 volunteers lost weight. Sheila did another group that was put together for her by a bariatric surgeon. These were the patients that didn’t meet the criteria for the government insurance program that pays for the surgery. And after working with these 13 people, again only one didn’t lose weight. So similar results were achieved.

While these aren’t long term studies, they are significant in showing that the program is effective in helping people get back in touch with the sensation of fullness or satiety. It is not a diet, so clients are not feeling deprived or restricted in the choices of foods that they make. The also are not required to focus on food all the time. So they are training their minds to focus on things that are more important to them than fuel for proper functioning. It’s a lifestyle change that they can adhere to forever.

Our next training to learn how to properly guide your clients through a successful weight loss transformation is coming up on April 8-10, 2011. You can register for the NYC seminar and be part of the class of new virtual gastric band practitioners this year by going to this link for the Virtual Gastric Band Training Course Seminar

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