How Long Is The Virtual Gastric Band Training?

I keep on getting more and more questions from people who want to come take this training. It’s a good thing that all the people with questions won’t be attending because we’d have to turn away 90% of them because we are dedicated to you getting the skills to be effective. We need to make this training manageable for that. I know there are some trainers that fill up thousands of people into a hall and call that a training. We will never do that! I would not consider that a training. That can be categorized as a lecture, but not a training. You might feel good when you leave, but I don’t believe you will be any more effective with your clients than when you signed up for an event like that. We are dedicated to teaching you effective hypnotic influence with weight loss.

Here’s another question from people looking to attend. Celina asked, “How long is the training?”

The training that we run for the virtual gastric band is 3 days. We usually start on Friday at 10 AM and run until 4 PM for the first day. Saturday we start again at 10 AM and continue on until 4 PM again. Sunday we start at 10 AM like the other days but we finish up at 3 PM. This allows people who are flying in and out of the seminar city to catch a flight out without having to spend an extra night in the host city. This allow more flexibility for the attendees.

You can take advantage of the next training and assure you will have a place in the class when you register for the virtual gastric band training class right now. You’ll have the tools that will make you the authority in your locale for weight loss. So go sign up now so you won’t disappointed later. You would not believe the amount of people who called me up after our last New York Virtual Gastric Band training and told me that they found out about it too late and they were now kicking themselves in the butt because they missed it. And the number of disappointed therapists and hypnotists doubled after they saw me on the CBS-TV news at 11 PM. But I didn’t really have time to spend on the phone with them because my schedule was so full taking care of all the new clients who called in after the news segment. And they keep on calling in months later!

After you take this training and learn the marketing techniques that we teach, you might be the one that’s profiled on your local TV News. I can tell you local TV News is looking for this story. They call me regularly and ask if there are practitioners of this program in their area. I gladly refer those who have taken the training. That might as well be you!

Get registered for the next Virtual Gastric Band Seminar Class.

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