How Fast Can I Get Good At Helping My Clients With The Virtual Gastric Band?

Here’s another one of those questions asked about the Virtual Gastric Band Training that’s coming up soon.

Robert asks, “What kind of time frame am I looking at to become proficient in the procedure?”

Well Robert, you should have everything you need to get great results right out of the training. Provided of course that you are already proficient at being a hypnotist and guiding your clients into a sufficient state of hypnotic trance. We don’t train you to be a hypnotist so you already should have the necessary prerequisite of hypnotic skills in order to implement what you learn in our training.

It’s also a fairly straight forward and simple procedure, so you shouldn’t have any difficulty mastering it and becoming proficient at it fairly quickly. I do recommend that you focus your marketing on building a steady flow of new clients so you can hone your new skills and tailor them to your own style.

If you are looking for a way to increase your effectiveness with weight loss clients you should seriously consider attending our next training to learn the virtual gastric band process. There is a very large segment of our population that is in need of your expertise.

Our next Virtual gastric band training is listed on the training page. Go check it out now because there is an upper limit on how many we can fit into the classroom.

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