Do you do Virtual Gastric Band Training in Australia?

Some of the more immediate questions have to do with where therapists and hypnotists can participate in our hands on virtual gastric band training. I get questions from around the world about whether we would be interested in training people in other countries. Here’s an example of a recent question I received from Mark:

Do you do gastric band hypnosis training in Australia?
If not can you send me information regarding training.

Hi Mark, we have been approached by organizations in Australia about traveling “down under” to teach Australians how to properly perform the Virtual Gastric Band. We are considering it, however there is no firm commitment on their part for this year, so we might not be going there anytime soon. We get calls and inquiries from all over and we would like to travel but our time commitments to helping our clients in our local areas must be considered. So we are spending our time pursuing serious inquiries from other areas. We have been in touch with organizations and trainers in South Africa, Canada, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Mexico, Germany, The Netherlands, Italy, France, as well as Australia. As of this posting there is nothing concrete that I can announce. But if there are other organizations that are serious about hosting us in your country, we always entertain those inquiries. They must be able to make a commitment of a minimum number of attendees and be able to cover travel expenses. And as I mentioned, because of our local commitments to the neighbors that we work with on a personal level, these arrangements must be made with some lead time.

With that being said, I can state that the next training that I can assure you will definitely happen, is the Virtual Gastric Band Seminar Training scheduled on the gastric band hypnosis class page.

If you have any further questions or want to add any information you can add your comment below:

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