CBS-TV Puts Sheila Granger’s Training In The News

This week Sheila Granger’s program of virtual gastric band was featured on the CBS-TV 11:00 news.  It was so well received and got such a great amount of interest, that they ran the same segment again the following day on the 6:00 evening news.  I know that means that there is a great amount of interest in this type of program among the general public. Do you need any further proof that learning Sheila’s program would mean a boost to your own hypnosis business practice?  I know you’re smart enough to have the correct answer to that question.  Here’s the featured segment they ran on the CBS-TV news featuring Marc Carlin using Sheila Granger’s virtual gastric band program.  CBS-TV called it Lapband Hypnosis, or Lap Band hypnosis.  They also featured two of Marc Carlin’s clients.  One who was just finishing the program, who lost 4 pants sizes, and one who was just beginning the program who also reported a weight loss after her first week.

Berta reported not only has she lost weight after her first week, but she could actually fit into her clothes while standing up. Previously, she had to lay down on the bed and slide into her jeans, now she’s able to put them on standing up. And all without the deprivation and craziness of dieting!
This is your time to learn how to help your clients with Sheila Granger’s powerful program. As you can clearly see this is a newsworthy item. This program will always be effective, but like yesterday’s newspaper, once the news media in your area have done their reports about it, you will miss out on you becoming the authority in your local area. Join us now in Las Vegas for our next training on January 21-23, 2011. Don’t miss this limited opportunity.

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