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Marc Carlin: Welcome everybody to an evening of Q & A on the Virtual Gastric Band procedure with hypnotist/hypnotherapist from England, Sheila Granger.

Sheila, let me just give a brief background on a little bit about sheila. Sheila is a fearless hypnotists. I really don’t know very much about her. She hasn’t been doing this as long as most really experienced hypnotists. She’s been doing it for a rather short time less than 5 years. And she has developed a process of using the imagination in a very unique and creative way. She put together this virtual gastric band hypnosis process on her own after seeing other hypnosis operators doing this type of process for their clients. It wasn’t a discovery of something new as much as taking the concept and seeing how it would work for her with the techniques she’d already become familiar with in her own practice for weight loss.

It was about her deciding to go out there to see how things work for herself . And just going out there She had the gumption of going out there and go ahead and fail as fast as possible to find out what was successful. And she used that feedback and that experience to create a unique process that she can call her own that actually from what she described has gotten really fantastic success rates and quite frankly they are anecdotal success rates and short term. This is all very positive and is an ongoing trial.

She’s doing what a lot of us would like to say we’re doing. She’s seeing 40 to 50 clients a week. And I’m sure, especially in this economy it’s what a lot of us would like to be saying. that we’re turning away 26 clients a week because we’re booked up, or we have clients scheduled going 3, 4, or 5 weeks out there with a waiting list. It’s pretty phenomenal the type of success she’s having. I think it’s in good measure because of the way she’s presenting the material she has to the public. She’s garnered a lot of public press a lot of publicity. She’s garnered the attention of the National Health Service. Which is the national insurance organization over in England. In England they have national insurance. Free health plans. And what she’s also told me is that she’s attracted the attention of Dr Mehmet Oz, going over there, looking to interview her for

show. So she’s not shy, she knows how to get publicity, and she’s going to be discussing with us her process of how she does the gastric band, the virtual gastric band. I’m using your questions to get her to open up. Would you like to make an opening statement Sheila?

Sheila Granger: Yeah, it’s very nice to think that I’m very brave. ha ha. And you’re quite right at what your saying, I am seeing between 40 and 50 people a week

I have a waiting list now that is 2 months before anyone can come to see me and that’s working literally 12 hours per day, one client after another after another. And it is a process that other hypnotherapists can use and can build that same amount of success into their own business and generate that same amount of clients which is why I approached Marc with the view to doing this teleseminar so that more people I think could benefit from it. Because I don’t believe that I’m a particularly unique individual and I suppose it’s in a way like you said Marc, that I actually sort of took the bull by the horns and thought, I’ll run the risk of failure with this and just see what happens.

MC: I am truly a fan just knowing that. I know that a lot of people get stuck in just procedures in being concerned about whether something will work before they even want to try it. which actually is very good for what you re looking to do here because you can show them exactly what does work. You’ve tested this out with a whole bunch of people, you’ve gotten great results and you’ve also attracted the attention of the local doctors who have invited you in to be their hypnotist. they’re supplying you with their overweight patients right?

SG: That’s right. going back a bit what i actually did was last September time I heard someone else talk about the concept of using the virtual gastric band. And I really didn’t know if that would work. About 80% of my clients who came to me came for weight control. And I had a system that I thought worked fairly well. But I thought I’m going to put this idea of incorporating a virtual gastric band to a trial. And at the time I got 25 volunteers, nobody paid me any money at all, and I saw all those people in a group. Which generally can water your success rate down because you’re not tailoring everything to an individual and it worked for 24 out of those 25 people. 24 out of 25 lost weight. The group as a whole over a 3 week period lost I think it was 14 and a half stone in 3 weeks. I was as astounded as the next person really. Following on from that, my aim is to now get the NHS in the UK to take it on board to make it available to more people, mot just people who can say afford to pay a therapist for it. But as a result of that I’ve been invited onto a database of surgeons in the UK to start logging my results. so that hopefully in time when they can see the evidence of it then it will then be taken on board by the NHS in the UK.

I’m now based in a doctors surgery and I now see the doctors patients who recently he has had 11 patients that have been refused gastric surgery because of the funding issues in the UK they’ve been removed from the waiting list. He said, would I see them and run it like another trial. So again it was for no payment. I saw them in a group because I didn’t have 10 hours free to see them on an individual basis as i would’ve liked to have done. And again it got exactly the same results it worked for everyone barring one of them. ah, one lady she lost over a stone in the 3 week period, and I asked them all afterward were they skeptical of it before they came they were skeptical of it because the doctor invited them all to come along. and they all said yes they were but not one of them is skeptical about it now.

MC: That on a whole different level is amazing. You know because one of the, I guess it’s a myth that’s been exploded is that people have to be invested in the process in order for them to get the results, benefits. I think these people are invested but not monetarily. They must be invested in some way, and it’s always been thought that money is a great motivator and a great part of the process but it doesn’t seem to be so in this case.

SC: No, and again in the past I’ve always worked from that theory, if people aren’t paying for it there’s no monetary value and it won’t be as good. but like you’re saying in these two trials that hasn’t been the case at all. People still have gotten the results.

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